About & Statement

Hi, I'm Julie Kern Donck.
I'm a contemporary artist, freshly graduated from the Printmaking option of the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre, in Brussels, where I still live and work.

My practice comes out a dialogue between arbitrarial worlds and ready-mades. I usually question topics as language, nature, technology and magic with prints, installations and digital stuff. However, I also love to work video and sculpture.
It can be said my work is post-internet, post-digital or whatever, my aim is to understand the world while i'm working on; more than a simple symbolism, my works are related to both real and dreamy topics, as an interrogation of politics and deep unconscious ways of thinking. It hides the evidence in order to reveal what was hidden. I give a lot of importance to poetry, text, and sound design.

Anyways, when I'm not working on some secret project, I write, produce some illustrations, make some video games with friends or just go for a walk and watch ducklings in the park.

If you have any question, or simply want to chat, just go to the contact page. It would make my day.

Oh, one last thing: if you have a parrot (especially a chatty one), please contact me. I have great projects I'm sure you'll love.