Biography & Curriculum

Yeah, I'm from Brussels, Belgium. I know that we're currently renowned for being the Hole of Hell, but believe me, Brussels is amazing. By chance, as I was already born in the right place, I didn't have to move.
I live and work here, although I previously spent a lot of time in Brazil, which is my second nation (I even have a passport) and I often travel across Europe.


Born 10.07.1992 in Brussels, Belgium
Lives and works in Brussels
Nationalities: Belgian, Brazilian


MA — Print — Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom — 2018-2020
MA — Printmaking — ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium — 2016

Selected Exhibitions


Reborn, Philara Minderstrasse (spin-off space of Sammlung Philara), Düsseldorf, Germany — October
Norma, Maison Pelgrims, Brussels, Belgium — September
Empire of Everything, The Balcony, The Hague, The Netherlands — July [solo show]
Part I — Vanity, Le Shakirail, Paris, France — May
Overprint — Agitate, Activate, Centre de la Gravure, La Louvière, Belgium — April-September
Balsa Ouverture, Théâtre de La Balsamine, Brussels, Belgium — September 2017 - May 2018


Perhaps You Can't Even Begin to Imagine, Lubomirov/Angus-Hugues, London — November
Annihilation Event, Lethaby Gallery, London — March
Perhaps You Can't Even Begin to Imagine, STOCQ72, Brussels — March


Sketch my Mind, Projection Room (Brussels Art Days) — September
Pathfinder, Degree Show, Louise 186, Brussels — June
Friche Refresh, group show, Anderlecht — April
Artagon, La Cambre 425, Brussels — March
Sketch my Mind, Affordable Art Fair, Brussels — February
Sketch my Mind, Felix Frachon Gallery (Brussels I Love You) — February


Sketch My Mind, Brussels — December
Transnumériques, Manège de Sury, Mons — December
Voix de Femmes, Manège Fonck, Liège — November
Print, La Cambre 425, Brussels — September
De Grâce, Degree Show, Brussels — June
Instantanés, duo show with Camille Boisaubert, STOCQ72, Brussels — March


Group Exhibition, Zedes Gallery — November
The Secure Shells [solo show] Stocq72, Brussels — July
Space, Print, Clay, Degree Show, Trademart, Brussels — June

Curated exhibitions


The Apartment [Pathfinders], Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée , La Louvière, Belgium — September


To Play [Pathfinders], Sagacity, Brussels — December

Publications & Catalogues

Overprint I, published by Le Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée, 2018
Friche Pias Edition, published by Friche Collective, 2016


2019 — SPES Grant for Visual Arts

Lectures & Workshops

How2Blender, in collaboration with Alexandre Leray, ESA Le75, Brussels — February 2018


Co-founder of Pathfinders Curation Collective, Brussels
Co-founder and director of STOCQ72 artist-run space, Brussels, - 2014, 2017